My Wellness

My Wellness

Listen to yourself is the first step to take care of your body. For this reason, EGO Hotel has thought of its SPA as an intuitive path, a place where sensations and spaces will suggest the best for your well-being. Water, heat, visual and olfactory vibrations: each moment can make sense to reach your inner harmony. Live a new balance to finally feel good.


Everyday from Monday to Sunday


From 10 am to 12 pm


€ 35

Access to the SPA includes the use of the changing room, personal locker, flip flops, bathrobe and bath towel.


Privacy, joy or freedom?

Every experience always begins with your desire

Privacy, joy or freedom? Privacy, joy or freedom?
Rooms designed to ensure maximum relaxation.
Wellness, beauty treatments and massages: choose the right program for you in absolute privacy.

Sauna & Turkish Bath

An intimate, discreet place, ready to nourish body and soul thanks to the stimulating effect of humidity and high temperatures. The beauty of an exclusive purifying and invigorating treatment.

Hydromassage pool

The power of water, a true sense of release from stress, tension, and a complete immersion in relaxation. Inside the pool the spirit is stimulated by external water jets and different levels of internal hydromassage. Discover a new time to love yourself.

Ice waterfall

Experience a new heady sensation. This is the effect of the icefall, invigorating crystals to be rubbed on the body after being exposed to high temperatures. An unexpected pleasure, perfect for giving beauty and health to your body.

Emotional shower

The effects of aromatherapy and chromotherapy combined with the jet of water, strong or nebulized, to create an "alien" atmosphere. An immersive bath in nature, between colors and scents, to create your multi-sensory narrative.

Facial treatments // Relaxation area

The beauty area is a space chosen to connect us with your body, starting from the face. We have carefully selected the most requested specific treatments, from anti-aging to purifying, passing through the fastest Express, because we love to give well-being at all times, in every phase of the EGO stay.

  • Sublime Skin (50 min), restructuring anti-aging treatment with lifting effect.
  • Remedy (50 min), rebalancing and soothing treatment for sensitive skin.
  • Active Pureness (50 min), regenerating treatment for combination and oily skin.
  • Longevity Face, Express treatment (30 min) smoothing and restructuring to restore skin tone and firmness.
  • Hydramemory, Express treatment (30 min) to maintain deep hydration 24 hours.
  • Partial facial hair removal.

Body treatments // Relaxation area

Imperceptible movements that cross the body to find the muscular tension. For our beauty area we have selected special hands, ready to find stress, physical and spiritual ailments. For every need we have created a specific treatment, and a space to rest for your wellness journey.
  • Body Strategist Firming Mask (50 min), nourishing, toning and elasticizing treatment.
  • Body Strategist Mud (50 min), detoxifying and reducing treatment with thermal mud.
  • Body Strategist (50 min), adraining and remodeling treatment.
  • Longevity Body, Express treatment (30 min) smoothing and restructuring to restore skin tone and firmness.
  • Aromasoul Scrub, Express treatment (30 min) body scrub.
  • Complete hair removal, manicure and aesthetic pedicure.

Beauty rituals // Relaxation area

The search for beauty is a daily journey, made up of details, care and attention, which build an intimate moment. In the EGO beauty area you will find some stages of this wellness itinerary, where you can try different sensitive dimensions and reach your own inner balance.

  • Tranquillity Ritual (50 min), aromatherapy ritual, relaxing anti-stress face and body.
  • Tranquillity Ritual for couples (50 min), aromatherapy ritual, relaxing anti-stress face and body.
  • Total Relax (50 min), relaxing and soothing face and body massage.
  • Total Relaxation for couples (50 min), relaxing and soothing face and body massage.
  • Hot Stone (50 min), ritual with hot lava stones.
  • Sleep Ritual (50 min), a ritual that promotes relaxation and sleep.

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